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Is there any architectural structure conceptually simpler than a set of stairs? Does any more complex structure exist from an engineering and practical standpoint? A well-built set of stairs is always a small miracle of balance: thrusts and counter


Windows and Doors and Facades

NIVA-line's windows and doors protect, retain heat, and insulate against annoying noise. They open, connect with the world, and spread ideas and emotions. The NIVA-line mechanisms are accurate, interlocking, pressure and snap designed and they are light and


Store furnishing

Furnishing for stores, offices, booths, houses or exteriors: furnishing is what always determines the liveability of an environment, improves its functionality, and enhances both architectural and aesthetic values. For this, true quality cannot arise


Custom-made furniture

A well-built house is primarily beautiful. Thanks to custom-made furniture by Niva-line your house will be beautiful both inside and outside, from an aesthetic and structural point of view. If you talk about houses, its shape is both content and functionality. Always.


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