Niva is a company with over twenty years of experience in the furnishing manufacturing industry. Specialized in the processing of metals and wood, we are a point of reference capable of interpreting the needs of an evolving market by providing solutions and resolving issues. Our company works with a group of international professionals to offer solutions and services for the implementation of turnkey and quality indoor and outdoor services, and aims to establish long-term relationships with its international customers. Niva is also a laboratory of ideas; a place where to search and find synthesis between research and experimentation, where architects and designers work together to come up with ideas to develop projects at an international level. Since the company is equipped with a modern metal and wood-processing workshop, we create products using automated processes and state of the art machinery, while relying on refined Italian craftsmanship and renewed industrial approaches. Niva manufactures customized furnishings for retailers, hotels, residential environments and special projects, but also provides internal and external architectural elements to serve as a general contractor for its customers.