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28 January 2013
Ecobuild 2013 – London
24 February 2013

Church S. Agata – Cremona

NIVA-line has manufactured the shrine containing the Holy Icon which represents S. Agata in the church of Cremona (Italy).

The return of the restored Holy Icon in S. Agata.

…getting close to the liturgical holiday dedicated to the Saint, very colored posters attached to the church’s doors and on the windows of many stores in the Cittanova area informed the parishioners of the solemn return of the Holy Icon probably for the day of the liturgical holiday. There will be the presentation of the restores and solemn ostension to the cult for the faithful in the afternoon of Friday, February 8th.
The Icon will be contained in a safety shrine and it will stay definitely exposed in the area at the foot of the altar dedicated to the Saint, without being hidden anymore, like it was in the past, in the niche on the altar, position that was obstructing almost completely the visibility of the Icon itself.

(from Cremona Oggi)

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