Custom-made furniture

A well-built house is primarily beautiful. Thanks to custom-made furniture by Niva-line your house will be beautiful both inside and outside, from an aesthetic and  structural point of view.
If you talk about houses, its shape is both content and functionality. Always.
Because the house is an interior space in every sense: designed to challenge time, cross it and win it. To last "several lives" literally: because a well-made house goes beyond the boundaries of generations.
A home must be  the result of a global vision, which applies to furnishing in a global sense: style, materials, decorative elements, spaces, full and empty areas, and to every detail, even those that are unseen - accessories, hollow spaces, hidden corners...
Above all, a true house must interpret the personality, culture and wishes of those who wanted it, chose it, experienced it.
For this reason, standard and routine works do not exist for us, but only exclusively custom-made projects that are unique.