Custom-made furniture

A well-built house is primarily beautiful. Thanks to custom-made furniture by Niva-line your house will be beautiful both inside and outside, from an aesthetic and  structural point of view.
If you talk about houses, its shape is both content and functionality. Always.
Because the house is an interior space in every sense: designed to challenge time, cross it and win it. To last "several lives" literally: because a well-made house goes beyond the boundaries of generations.
A home must be  the result of a global vision, which applies to furnishing in a global sense: style, materials, decorative elements, spaces, full and empty areas, and to every detail, even those that are unseen - accessories, hollow spaces, hidden corners...
Above all, a true house must interpret the personality, culture and wishes of those who wanted it, chose it, experienced it.
For this reason, standard and routine works do not exist for us, but only exclusively custom-made projects that are unique.



2015 Milan-Italy

Reception desk in black iron; library iron black backlit with LEDs.


Private house

2013 Padova-Italy

Cladding bathroom with mosaic Bisazzo and tempered extra clear glass walls. White lacquered mdf kitchen with cantilever table oak and stainless steel hood.

Bar Start-ap

2013 Padova-Italy

Bar counter with cement top, frontal natural oak, and ossidate zinc.


Baby area – Ipercity

2013 Padova-Italy

Painted perforated steel panels.


Street furniture

2012 Padova-Italy

Street furniture: external facility made of rusty corten iron, bamboo bench and a Vicenza stone bicycle holder base.


Headquarters Unox

2011 Padova-Italy

Brushed stainless steel staircase, opal glass steps, extra clear tempered glass parapet, gallery with iron structure, opal glass floors and backlit Plexiglas false ceiling.

Private house

2011 Padova-Italy

Resin floor, lacquered mdf furniture, painted iron staircase and stainless steel fastenings.


Private house

2011 Firenze-Italy

Custom furniture: lacquered mdf bookshelf, white lacquered mdf kitchen, painted iron staircase with tempered extra clear glass parapet


Street furniture

2011 Padova-Italy

Rusty corten iron exterior facility, Vicenza stone bench and maple backs.

Restaurant Valpomaro

2009 Arquà Petrarca-Italy

Bar and custom furniture in corten, natural black iron, brushed oak.

Private house

2009 Milano-Italy

Lacquered mdf bookshelf, white oak staircase with tempered extra clear glass parapet.

Private house

2009 Moscow-Russia

Custom furniture: burnished iron fireplace, staircase and painted iron parapets.

Private house

2008 Verona-Italy

Lacquered mdf bookshelf, fireplace coated in polished stainless steel, tempered extra clear glass parapet, oak and lacquered mdf kitchen, corian top.

Exhibition stand

2009 Basel-Switzerland

Exhibition stand of veneered wood and corten rusty iron furniture; cases in extra-clear glass.


Private house

2008 Padova-Italy

 Lacquered mdf bookshelf,fireplace in corten,brushed stainless steel hood, teck staircase and extra clear glass parapet.


Diesel offices

2008 Vicenza-Italy

Iron staircase with oak steps, iron platform with oak floor, perimetric  teck covering and painted iron fastenings.

Private house

2007 Padova-Italy

Wengè and leather kitchen, corian top, brushed stainless steel hood and brushed stainless steel staircase.


Private house

2002 Venezia-Italy

Brushed and polished stainless steel furniture, loft bleached maple, brushed stainless steel staircase, painted stainless steel fastenings.

Restaurant Fontane

1999 Vicenza-Italy

Custom furniture restaurant in polished rosewood and painted iron furniture, backlit glass caskets, brushed stainless steel fastenings, painted iron shelter.