- Detailed executive designs: architectural, fit-out, and products
- Product development and continuous improvements
- Design activities of value engineering for design concepts
- Prototype designs
- Mockup designs
- Reliefs of the sites, even in 3D
- Design development in CAD, Solid, etc.
- Integrated BIM design


-Designer/Customer support in the preliminary specification phase of the materials and logistics. Thanks to our experience in this specific field of products, we help designers with the preliminary design phase and in defining the processes, materials and organization (logistics) needed to ensure that the presentation made to the end customer is both in line with the designer's intent and with the customer's expectations, also in terms of the budget and timing
- Creation of a detailed BOQ (bill of quantities) from the very beginning to better monitor the costs, times and quality
- Management of international projects by providing a supplier supply chain over various geographical areas
- Management and timely implementation of samples and mockups, followed by the subsequent evaluation and preparation of the roll-out phase
- Monitoring and management of the times and budget during the roll-out phase
- Analysis of the current concepts throughout all of the processes, proposal of product evaluation improvements, including any improvement with regard to the supplier chain, and logistic reorganization to reduce the processing times and costs by streamlining the processes



- A specific team for each project
- Project budgeting
- Analysis of the risks and critical aspects of the project, possible application of alternative solutions and resolutions
- Analysis of local standards, technical specifications and regulations
- Quantity surveyor
- Monitoring of the processes
- Periodic reporting of the progresses
- Integrated management of the supply chain of the order
- End of the works
- Lesson learned
- After sales service