Ferramenta Chapter 2
21 décembre 2018
11 février 2019

January, NIVA “New Space”

Sunglass’ new headquarter by NIVA
The glass is the protagonist of this project, dominating over all structures and imposing itself in the new Sunglass’ façade. Sunglass is a leading producer of curved glass and oversized glass panels for the architectural and construction industries.
NIVA brought to life the imponent new glass façade and stairway of Sunglass’ headquarters.

Total length of the façade: 49 m.
Height of the façade: 11 m.
Material: curved glass 10+10 (opaline side, transparent side)
Planning, production and installation time: 270 days

Sunglass choose NIVA to successfully support, plan and bring to life its ambitious project, knowing that complex architectural projects generate new construction management needs and that having a trustable partner on your side is the key to success.

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