The place where we process metals and where we implement our ideas and the project requirements with precision and care. Steel, brass, copper, bronze and aluminum are processed through industrial processes such as cutting, machining (to remove shavings), laser cutting, v-cut bending (folding) and welding, before achieving the finishes using acid-etching, galvanic treatments, surface enhancements and paints.

The carpentry constantly communicates and collaborates with all Niva departments.




he place where we process wood and its essence, thanks to the passion and commitment of our experts. All of the wooden parts of our furnishings and objects are manufactured in lab using the most modern technologies, as well as the expert hands and know-how of our craftsmen.

The carpentry workshop constantly communicates and collaborates with all Niva departments. What we offer:
- Luxury millwork
- Luxury joinery
- Bespoke joinery




- Research of innovative materials for indoor and outdoor use
- Research and Development of new surface finishes
- Assistance to designers/architects in defining the mood board and in the production of customized materials and finishes
- Prototype development
- Mockup development