21 August 2018
colorazione metallica

Metallic coloring

PREVIEW We present you a preview of our colors for metalworking. For more information: […]
5 September 2016

Spiral staircase into the new Diesel store in Milan

In these days we are engaged in a new project in Piazza San Babila […]
21 June 2016
Lavorazioni FOLDING

NIVA-line is equipped of FOLDING production method

NIVA-line is equipped for the processing Folding until 4 meters of Iron, Steel, Aluminium […]
31 May 2016
Elicoidale Diesel

Spiral staircase NIVA-line into the new DIESEL shop

Spiral staircase made by NIVA-line for the new Diesel store in Barcelona
30 October 2015
Calcio Padova

NIVA-line supports CALCIO PADOVA

This year, NIVA-line supports CALCIO PADOVA!
16 October 2015
The Times

NIVA-line’s floating spiral staircase on THE TIMES

THE TIMES in which is shown one of our new achievements
16 October 2015
The Times

Floating spiral staircase NIVA-line on THE TIMES

We present the page from THE TIMES where you can find one of our […]
22 September 2015

Inauguration new greenhouse Palm tree of Goethe – Botanical Garden of Padua

Today we are at the inauguration of the renovated greenhouse
3 September 2015

Window frame greenhouse Botanical Garden of Padua

NIVA-line in these days is taking part in the renewal of the greenhouse