October, NIVA “new space”
7 November 2018
Ferramenta Chapter 1
30 November 2018

Niva and the Art Ferramenta is born chapter 0

We have asked architects and designers to perform looking to engage the original tension between materials and shapes.
Our scope is to interpret our time, joining the debate of a new view of the project culture, reconsidering its purpose and space throuh a shared artistic vision. A challenge for the project that involved performing a full creativity without any given limits and prove that is was possible to obtain complexed new shaped from materials as sculptures do with bare stone.
The results show how the knowledge interface generate what we can consider a “return”, on one side a natural artisan way to work with metals, on the other side, the open interpretation of a theme.
Every month we will present to you one of the objects: thirteen pieces of art designed by architects and designers, created and sometimes reinterpreted by NIVA.

Angelo Jelmini, Alessia Galimberti, Angelo Micheli, Lorenzo Palmeri, M2 Atelier, Matteo Fiorini, Maurizio Lai, Nisi Magnoni, Parisotto+Formenton, Park Associati, Pier Solieri, Storage Milano, Vudafieri Saverino Partners.


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