Elicoidale Diesel
Spiral staircase NIVA-line into the new DIESEL shop
31 May 2016
Spiral staircase into the new Diesel store in Milan
5 September 2016

NIVA-line is equipped of FOLDING production method

Lavorazioni FOLDING




This process results in finished objects with sharp edges, with no mechanical fasteners.

Starting from a metal sheet of a few millimeters thick making of the incisions to "V" that skim the top of the cut with the underlying surface.

This forefront process is made through specific milling with CNC machines.

The next operation is the fold, which just along the previously made incision, thus obtaining 90 degrees sharp edges is performed.

The Folding is an innovative process that allows to manufacture products obtained as a continuous piece from a single metal sheet, without recourse to any mechanical joining.

The luxury market today demands furnishings metal performed with the Folding method for a final result of high quality.

Folding, an unattainable work a few years ago, which today NIVA-line makes it possible thanks to the experience and continuous research for innovation, being able to satisfy all design and production needs.


NIVA-line is equipped for the processing Folding until 4 meters of Iron, Steel, Aluminium and Brass.

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