Ferramenta Chapter 1
30 November 2018
21 December 2018

November, NIVA “new space”

The Niva’s “SURFACE” collection, chosen for the new Benetton concept store, is proceeding with the collaboration between Niva and Benetton group which legitimize in the collaboration of the new concept.
NIVA have been realized : the Oxford street store (Benetton group and Fabio Cattarin), the widest and most suggestive above all, with windows realized under twelve meters in high archways, inside a knit wear shop theatre, a lounge corner, unique spaces where you can interact with the whole Benetton’s collection; the new Venetian’s concept store inside “Nave de Vero”, commercial space between vegetation and high-tech; Torino’s store in the middle of the historical center between via Roma and piazza San Carlo and Padua’s store in Corso Emanuele Filiberto. For all of them the interior design is characterized
by worm-colored and elegant material, Niva realized for the this opportunity, gaining to the new “SURFACES” collection which lends a unique and natural effect to the materials. Furthermore, interiors elements, net ceilings and the staircase combine essential treated metal structures and other elements which contribute to give value to the store’s setting
(concept: Benetton Retail Design Department)

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