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ArchichefNight 31-05-2018
21 août 2018
Niva and the Art Ferramenta is born chapter 0
7 novembre 2018

October, NIVA “new space”

Fantini Rubinetti Headquarters Italy
Design – Lissoni Architettura Milan
NIVA interior –varnished aluminum wall cladding
Bookshelf made of natural black iron
Parapet made of varnished metal
NIVA exterior – canopy made of painted galvanized metalNIVA Architectural Elements participate to the opening of the new Fantini space in Pella, a town on a small little lake in Northern Italy, Orta lake. In collaboration with Lissoni Architettura Milano, NIVA created the external metal canopy to protect the long sidewalk, from the entry to the lake. A path that follows and recall the nearby water. The interior office spaces have been furnished with black bookshelves made of natural iron, white metal parapets and aluminum wall cladding .
The vision of Daniela Fantini, the Piero Lissoni excellence design and the elements created by Niva provide a beautiful and pleasant working environment.Ph. Simone Bossi
Courtesy and property of Fantini Rubinetti
Copyrights © 2018 All Rights Reserved.


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