11 February 2019

Ferramenta Chapter 3

Author: Park Associati Title: “Bronzino” Material: Bronzed brass A bronzed brass sculpture of small […]
11 February 2019

January, NIVA “New Space”

January, NIVA “New Space” Sunglass’ new headquarter by NIVA The glass is the protagonist […]
21 December 2018

Ferramenta Chapter 2

author – Maurizio Lai title – “Babylon” material – mirrored steel, black iron Steel […]
21 December 2018


The Niva’s workshop, which is dedicated to research and development, has created the Surfaces […]
30 November 2018

November, NIVA “new space”

The Niva’s “SURFACE” collection, chosen for the new Benetton concept store, is proceeding with […]
30 November 2018

Ferramenta Chapter 1

title -“little goat behold the sea” author – Angelo Micheli ( “a little goat […]
7 November 2018

Niva and the Art Ferramenta is born chapter 0

We have asked architects and designers to perform looking to engage the original tension […]
7 November 2018

October, NIVA “new space”

Fantini Rubinetti Headquarters Italy Design – Lissoni Architettura Milan NIVA interior –varnished aluminum wall […]
21 August 2018
colorazione metallica

Metallic coloring

PREVIEW We present you a preview of our colors for metalworking. For more information: […]
16 October 2015
The Times

Floating spiral staircase NIVA-line on THE TIMES

We present the page from THE TIMES where you can find one of our […]