NIVA-line projects

NIVA-line is a company tuned into the future.
Where we research, experience, and design.
Our mission is to shape metal according to the needs of architects and designers.
To redefine the concepts of personalization and custom-made furniture, stairs, as well as windows and doors so that we can bring them to the next level.
From the tiniest object to the facade of a building, we pour all our know-how and our passion, combining the artisan culture to the most innovative technologies.
To abolish the concept of "made in series".
"Just for you" is not just a saying, or a marketing promise. It is the summary
of our entrepreneurial vision, our deepest essence, which goes really deep inside, and NIVA-line becomes real, becomes tangible.
Because a project is always the projection of customers' wishes and the proving ground of the talent of their trusted architect.
We make all this simply possible.
NIVA-line is a factory.
Of ideas, solutions and exclusive objects.
Of dreams that come true.