The workshop of Niva, which is dedicated to research and development, has created Surfaces Collection, the line of finishes and working on metals to offer exclusive solutions to quality projects. Surfaces project offers very different metal options such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, black hot laminated iron with calamine with different treatments such as painting, galvanic processes, blackening and so on, in order to offer a huge range of decorative effects. We recommend to contact us to define their uses, scope of use and customizations.


Wax: specially for copper alloys and brass, wax underlines the finishing features of metals, allowing the metal natural aging over time with the change of the superficial color due to the contact with air and weather. Apply wax periodically . 

Varnish: transparent or colored varnishes offer the manufact a protection and an aesthetic value. Thanks to the R&D work, Ni.Va. offers different kind of varnishes to satisfy every request, with a level of protection linked to the specific application.