Lavorazioni FOLDING
NIVA-line is equipped of FOLDING production method
21 June 2016
colorazione metallica
Metallic coloring
21 August 2018

Spiral staircase into the new Diesel store in Milan





A project that confirms the confidence that Diesel has in the construction capabilities of NIVA-line, the metal workshop.

Since over 20 years of work, has specialized in the elements of metal furniture, design stairs and window frames; ranging from residential architecture of the entire industry, from retail to outdoors: from the object more minutes to the facade of a building.

We are making the spiral staircase which connects the three internal floors of the new diesel shop: it is a spiral staircase made by two beams thickness 30mm joined by metal frame that will be covered with marble. The beams will be covered with casing painted black and tempered extra-clear glass railings 8+8mm.

Here are some shots as examples of operations that are followed within the building site in Piazza San Babila.

This spiral staircase, being self-supporting, has been continuously welded by our certified welders.


In these days we are engaged in a new project in Piazza San Babila in Milan, for Diesel fashion brand.

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