Store furnishing

Furnishing for stores, offices, booths, houses or exteriors: furnishing is what always determines the liveability of an environment, improves its functionality, and enhances both architectural and aesthetic values.
For this, true quality cannot arise from the standardization of solutions. The real strength of NIVA-line lies in the discipline with which, piece by piece, we proceed from design to the finished product.
Technology in recent years made great strides forward and allowed us to dramatically reduce processing times and almost infinitely expand the range of possible interventions. 
And this is why the true wealth of the NIVA-line is, today like it was yesterday, craftsmanship made of careful attention to details in every stage of the production, research and desire to experiment always new and surprising construction techniques and material combinations. Our curiosity and our determination to test innovative and technologically advanced solutions are the driving forces of our brand.
NIVA-line can solve any design problem thanks to the work of our Technical Department, the true creative heart of the company, which communicates and collaborates constantly with our customers. Because every experience is a new challenge and is a source of growth and comparison with our main competitors.
Our organization allows us to be competitive globally with turnkey custom-made furnishing for public spaces and homes. 
Niva never forgets  the usability of each space and the affordability of each individual proposal. Also in the complex sector of store furnishing, our company has the uncommon skill of being able to enhance at best  every single room.