We are NIVA

Architectural Elements


At the service of Design

Innovation is NIVA-line's keyword.

For more than twenty years, everything we have been doing counts only for what it will allow us to do tomorrow and beyond.

For more than twenty years, experience is the capital asset that we keep investing every day, betting on the future. That's the true challenge of the NIVA-line!

For more than twenty years, we have been making all our technical and operational skills available to the creativity of architects, designers, companies, providing them with comprehensive and "turnkey" services, from project collaboration to customized manufacturing all the way to installation.

In homes and stores, we help creating unique and unforgettable environments, where it is more pleasant and easier to live and work.

Niva manufactures windows and doors, stairs, metal furniture and furniture in other materials for stores and homes. We always put our technology and our passion at work to deliver workmanlike and well done projects.

Just like the work of artisans of the past.


Quality is our Mission

For NIVA-line, quality means:

Attention to detail and to the overall project
Planning and flexibility, speed and precision
Strict selection of raw materials
Monitoring, at all stages of the manufacturing cycle
Technology and manual skills
Valuing people and always working as a team
The ability to face and resolve any unforeseen or unexpected problems, whether affecting windows and doors or stairs, stores or indoor and outdoor furnishings
Partnership and good service
Always taking into account the customers' point of view and earning their trust
Going beyond the certifications to set more ambitious targets and obtain more exciting results
Assigning the right price to our own work

Quality is the mission of NIVA-line.